COVID-19 Vaccinations

To check your eligibility, please go to Vaccines Eligibility Checker

COVID-19 vaccinations are available by booking online via Corrimal Healthcare Centre

Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer are available to eligible patients.

Appointments are available for existing patients AND new patients are welcome.

First Appointment:

At entry, QR codes are provided to check-in to our practice. All current government requirements must be followed such as social distancing (keeping 1.5 metres apart) and wearing a face mask. Hand sanitising stations are available throughout the practice.
Please arrive to your appointment a few minutes prior to complete the Government Consent Form which you will receive from reception. This takes only a few minutes to complete and return to reception to check. You do not need to complete the Government Consent Form before attending the practice.
Some patients may need to see a doctor prior to being administered the vaccine and we have a doctor on duty specifically seeing vaccine patients.

After Receiving Your First Dose:

After receiving your dose, you must stay at the practice for fifteen minutes and book your second dose appointment at reception before leaving.


Can I book an appointment at your practice for a second dose if I have attended somewhere else for my first dose?

Pfizer – Due to the limited government supply, we are unable to provide any second doses to patients who have received their first dose at a different practice.

AstraZeneca – You can book online your second dose AstraZeneca vaccine through our online booking system ‘Corrimal Heathcare Centre Hotdoc’ and choose “Covid-19 Vaccinations” then “AstraZeneca Vaccine”. Please bring proof of your first dose immunisation record, which is available on the MyGov app or a hard copy from the other practice.

When do I have my second dose?

For AstraZeneca, it is recommended that you receive your second dose at twelve weeks for optimal coverage. More recent advice allows your second dose after six weeks

For second dose Pfizer, one of our receptionists will book your appointment at reception five weeks from the date of your first dose. Second dose appointments cannot be made online and we are only able to supply second dose appointments to patients who have had their first dose appointment at our practice.

Can I book an appointment over the phone?

Due to the large volume of calls, all appointments for vaccinations are made online. This way you can choose and manage your appointment through the app. Second dose appointments are made at reception when you have your first dose.

How do I change my appointment?

By booking online, you can manage your appointments through “Appointments”. You can then change or cancel your appointment.

If I get vaccinated, will I not need a COVID test if I get COVID symptoms?

If you have any COVID symptoms you must get tested, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not.

Can I get vaccinated if I have any flu symptoms?

No, please reschedule and get a COVID test (if not already done so)

Can I book a Pfizer appointment if I am over the age of 60?

For patients over the age of 60, it is recommended to have AstraZeneca. However, please discuss with your regular GP if you have any concerns. A small number of patients over the age of 60 are eligible for a medical exemption to receive Pfizer. If you are eligible for an exemption, your GP will write a letter addressed to NSW Health. The patient then needs to contact NSW Health directly to make an appointment. We are unable to accept appointments for over 60s who require a Pfizer appointment.

Can I get an exemption from vaccination from a Doctor at your practice?

All patients from 12 years are eligible and able to be vaccinated. Our Doctors cannot provide any medical exemption from vaccination.

When will more vaccines be released?

As soon as the government releases additional vaccines we make additional appointments available through our online appointment system. For regular updates when additional vaccines appointments are made available, please ‘like’ and follow us on Facebook